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Borneo Bulletin, Tuesday 23 February 2016

The Times Square Shopping Centre, which has over 100 tenants, offers an array of services to patrons, such as

cinemas, hotels, IT shops, as well as a variety of food and beverage outlets


Booming commercial hubs can










IRRESPECTIVE of its small size, Brunei Darussalam boasts

a number of well-established and world-class commercial

areas that are the nerve centres of the Sultanate’s booming

business activities.

A strong growth in commercial areas is key to the

development of the nation’s economy, the fruits of which

are enjoyed by citizens and residents of the country.

One such area that has seen quite impressive

development is Berakas, which offers a slew of modern

landmark attractions, such as the Times Square Shopping

Centre, Airport Mall, Citis Square and BT Complex, all

providing a wide range of goods and services in state-of-

the art settings that match global standards.

“The country has been witnessing considerable growth

in commercial areas over the past three decades since

achieving independence - from little changes, adding up to

make a major one,” commented a recently married couple

who frequents the Berakas area, their favourite commercial

hub, to Borneo Bulletin.

During their childhood back in the 1990s, all commercial

activities were concentrated in the capital Bandar Seri

Begawan, they said.

“It used to be the centre for shopping for everyone back

then... Eventually, while Bandar remained the way it was

then, the attention shifted to new areas such as Berakas

and Gadong.”

As Brunei’s modernisation gathered pace, Berakas got

a facelift with landmark developments such as Times

Square Shopping Centre and The Airport Mall becoming

business hotspots.

“The airport is just a few minutes’ walk away, while a

majority of the government department headquarters are

within a few minutes’ drive,” they added.

When asked about the attraction of Berakas shopping

area, they replied, “It has got plenty of entertainment

avenues, ranging from bowling and cinema.

“And it is also a reasonable place for dining and grocery