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Borneo Bulletin, Tuesday 28 February 2017

Tackling challenges posed by natural disasters

| A









major challenge faced by many





Brunei Darussalam, although




disasters such as earthquakes,

volcanic eruptions and typhoons,

is alsoaffectedbynatural disasters

in the region.

This was highlighted by

Abdul Rahim bin Haji Ismail,

Acting Director of the National

Disaster Management Centre,

in his capacity as chief guest at

the opening ceremony of the






programme for Mukim Kianggeh

and Mukim Kota Batu, held at

Multi-Purpose Hall of Bandaran

Depot in Kampong Belimbing in

Subok yesterday.

“We felt tremors recently from

the earthquake that occurred

in the Sulawesi Ocean at the

beginning of January this year.

We were also affected by the

tail-end of typhoons that hit our

neighbouring countries,” he said.

He added that the National

Disaster Management Centre

(NDMC) has been entrusted by

the government to shoulder the

responsibility tomanage disasters

in the country.




response operations are aimed

to ensure the welfare of society,

but we also need to give due

attention to activities of disaster

risk reduction. It also takes

into account that our society is

constantly exposed to various

forms of disasters and should

be given training in disaster

risk reduction,” he said. “With

the collaboration of the Brunei-

Muara District Office and National

Disaster Management Centre,

we once again or-ganised the

CBDRM programme to highlight

activities of reducing disaster

risk compared to typical reaction

after disaster.”

He added that CBDRM is one

of the continuous programmes

and it is one of the priority

activities under NDMC to-wards




through prevention and disaster

preparedness programmes.





the two-day programme, the

communities in Mukim Kianggeh

and Mukim Kota Batu will gain

benefits from various talks

delivered by different agencies

related to disaster management.

Participants of the programme

also take part in practical sessions

concerned with the technique

to douse fires and basic skills in

life saving as well as producing

a hazard map that will contain

information on the areas affected

by the disasters.

He said the cooperation and

commitment from all penghulus

and villages heads and the

involvement of members of

Acting Director of the NDMC Abdul Rahim bin Haji Ismail delivering his speech at the event

mukim and village consultative

councils as well as youths and


the programme in the future.

Cooperation of the public is

vital in tackling any occurrences

of disasters at the mukim and

village levels with efficacy. The

initiative is one of the positive

indicators towards enhancing

unity among residents of villages.

Some 100 participants are

taking part in the programme




Mukim and village consultative

councils, Committee members

of Neighbourhood Watch and

residents of Mukim Kianggeh and

Mukim Kota Batu.

The programme is organised

in collaboration with the Brunei-

Muara District Office with the

involvement of Fire and Rescue




Department, Survey Department,



Department ( JAPEM), Islamic

Dakwah Centre and Brunei





Since its launch in 2010, the

programme has been conducted

in 15 mukims throughout the

nation with the focus on mukims

that are always affected by natural



Owners, developers advised

to apply for strata titles

| J





LOCAL developers or property owners are

advised to apply and register for strata titles to

allow buyers to have ownership of units within

buildings in hopes of spurring investments in the

property market of the country.

The benefits of the application of strata

titles were highlighted during a briefing on the

advantages of implementing the Strata Act held

at the Ministry of Development’s Betabur Hall


Present as guest of honour was Haji

Muhammad Lutfi bin Abdullah, Permanent

Secretary (Administration and Finance) at the

Ministry of Development. Also in attendance were

Haji Marzuke bin Haji Mohsin, Acting Permanent

Secretary (Technical and Professional) at the

Ministry of Development as well as officials from

various government agencies

The StrataAct chapter 189was introduced inHis

Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin

Waddaulah ibni Al-Marhum Sultan Haji Omar ‘Ali

Saifuddien Sa’adul Khairi Waddien, Sultan and

Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam’s titah in

1999 and has been fully implemented since July 1,


SaharanabintiHaji Ahmad,HeadofRegistration

Division of Land Department said, “The strata title

is the proof of ownership issued for each unit of a


Besides attracting overseas investment in the

property market, she said, “the benefits of strata

titles include ensuring the proper maintence of

a building’s surroundings and making sure the

use of land is optimised in line with the vision of

the Land Department as well as to monitor the

development of the property market in Brunei


She also highlighted that Brunei citizens,

permanent residents and foreigners are

allowed to purchase strata title property based

on the consideration of relevant authorities

that approve applications for strata title


The strata titlemust cover the whole lot and not

just part of the lot while the lease cannot exceed

99 years and cannot be longer than the residue of

the lease of the original title.

All strata units on the same lot must be leased

for the same term of years and must expire at the

same time.

Hifney bin Haji Abdul Rahman, a surveyor,

touched on the process of subdividing a building

into strata titles.

Meanwhile, the talk on transfer of ownership

to Strata titles was delivered by Amal Hayati binti

Haji Junaidi, a Land Officer, while Eddy Nor Ezwan

bin Haji Mohammad touched on the role of the

Strata Corporation.

The Strata Act is part of the laws under chapter

40 of the land code whereby it allows owners to

subdivide the building lots that have more than

two main units, either vertically or horizontally,

to be given strata title rights individually.

Themove to introduce the act aimed toprovide

open opportunity and encourage investment

in the property market that is expected to

contribute towards the development of the

economy of the nation through the growth of

the development industry through overseas and

domestic investment. In addition, it provides a

guarantee of rights to the land and strata title


Following the enforcement of the Strata Act

in 2009, the Land Department has organised

a number of roadshows in all four districts.

The roadshows aimed to provide a better

understanding and information on the Strata Act

chapter 189 to attract interest of the land owners

and developers.

Despite organising roadshows, the number

of applications to subdivide buildings to issue

strata title grants are still not encouraging.

Haji Muhammad Lut i bin Abdullah, Permanent Secretary (Administration

and Finance) at the Ministry of Development, at the brie ing